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Jo Ann Goldsmith of Goldsmithing Enterprises
Helps Businesses Create Goldmines. Ms. Goldsmith specializes in Corporate Imaging and High Impact Print & Web Advertising that goes the distance in today’s competitive arena.

She draws her keen insights, in both marketing strategies and target audiences, from many years of working with large New York Advertising Agencies for such well-known clients as: Hanes Pantyhose, Ivory Liquid for Dishes, Chase, Tonka Toys and Vancenase. She also has extensive Florida-based experience with clients such as: WPBF, Bank of Belle Glades and Florida Ranch Tours, just to name a few). Merging this vast corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Ms. Goldsmith creates graphics and crafts illustrations that are unique, user-friendly, and, from inception, encompass knowledge of the complete production process.

Jo Ann’s Original Illustrations are channeled and drawn with an eye towards saving her client’s money in future production. Specializing in high resolution user-friendly drawings, her artwork can often be blown up and cropped for multiple future use in the brochures, ads and Web sites that she designs. All of her images are translatable beyond business cards and letterheads into every aspect of corporate promotion, such as print, newspapers, magazines, promotion, the Internet, Web sites, and other electronic media.

For each client, Ms. Goldsmith crafts refreshing, professional images and advertising, both Web & Print, which graphically translate and achieve high visibility and notice. Depending on her client’s marketing and positioning needs, she teams with additional writers, marketers and other technical experts to produce and delivers a strong conceptual edge for your business. Some of Ms. Goldsmith’s work can be seen on her web site:, and her extensive portfolio is available upon request.

Jo Ann can be reached by phone at (561) 963-6426;
by fax at (561) 432-8207;
or by e-mail at:

You are a new business...or
You have a logo and/or advertising package that is not delivering...or
You have an image that needs refreshment, or have no graphic at all...or
You are tired of having “canned” clip art advertising...or
You have a creative vision that you wish to communicate...or
You wish to translate your logo and corporate image to actively work for you on the web...or
You are new to technology and need a full logo/brochure/web design package...or
You know nothing about technology or websites, but need one...or
You wish to create goldmines

Hire this “Goldsmith,” and Start On Your Path To Creating Your Own Corporate Goldmines Today.

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